Aluminium Cast In Windows

What are the Benefits of Using Cast in Aluminium Windows?

What are the benefits of using aluminium windows?

  1. Easy to Install
  2. Lightweight
  3. Classic Design
  4. Low Maintenance
  5. Secures Interiors
  6. Energy-Efficient

For aluminium windows and doors, the benefits can range from their easy installation to the high durability that they can provide. Since aluminium is the main material, these windows capitalize on the properties of this alloy. It exhibits a great resistance to corrosion, it’s highly malleable, lightweight, and a great thermal conductor. 

The use of aluminium windows is nothing new, but it offers a timeless design that can even be included in modern low-height, high-rise, or even residential spaces. Unlike other materials, this window type is far easier to install, lightweight, durable, affordable, and offers a variety of aesthetically-appealing looks. Read on to learn more. 

Aluminium Cast in Windows and Doors By Compact and approved HDB Window contractor in singapore

Easy to Install

One of the advantages that aluminium windows and doors have over other materials, is that they’re relatively easier to install. Most aluminium windows and doors nowadays can arrive in as few as 4 profiles, making the job of installing them into old structures a less time-consuming one. 

For example, Compact customise design Cast in Aluminium Window can easily fit in with already-existing sliding window structures.

This aluminium window framework also doesn’t take much effort when it comes to lifting and transporting due to its slim, yet sturdy build. 


As you may already know, aluminium is one of the lightest alloys. Aluminium had been used in many industries, such as automotives, aerospace, and even for consumer goods because of its machinability and low density.

Similarly, aluminium windows, doors and lourves are significantly lighter compared to its steel, iron, or even wooden counterparts. The alloy’s specific weight is around 2.7 grams per cubic centimetre, making it approximately 33% lighter compared to steel and cast-iron window grills. 

Despite its lightweight Ness, the aluminium window still offers excellent protection for any interior space. Its corrosion-resistant oxide layer virtually makes the material impenetrable against pitting corrosion and other environmental damages. 

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